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UK based photographer, providing photography & drone services on construction sites across the UK and Internationally. 

Some of our latest client videos

Showcasing 5 Projects

A summary of multiple projects across a range of industries & locations

This video showcases a range of projects that have been worked on.

The range of industries and locations are very diverse. From construction to hospitality, Middlesbrough to Cambridge.

Drone footage is such a powerful piece of content to use when marketing your company. The drone is able to capture all elements of the project, location and surroundings in a way that nothing else can.

Modern new office build within a 200 year old building - Halifax, West Yorkshire

This video documents the final walk through of a new office build that was constructed within a 200 year old building for a plastic manufacturer in Halifax.

A drone was used to capture images and video footage of the external building and the surrounding areas. We also did a roof inspection on this one.

Inside a DSLR camera was used to capture still shots and video footage. All footage was then edited into the final video you see here.

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District Heating, Antarctica. Port of Middlesbrough

This video documents the transportation of district heating pipes from the warehouse to the port. The video then shows cargo being loaded onto the large vessel before making its long journey to the Arctic.

This project consisted of 2 x days spent on site to capture images and video, including drone footage. Then a day of editing to create the final video.

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District Heating - Swaffham, Cambridge

This video was created to document the progress that had been made on a large district heating installation. The installation will supply an entire village with heated water. This project was the first of its kind and attracted international attention. 

To create this video, 1 site visit was needed. Video was captured from the ground and above using the drone. Still shots were also taken. 1 day of editing was required to create this video for the client.

If you’d like a similar video creating to document one of your projects, please get in touch for a quote.

School refurb - Retford, Sheffield

This project involved a team working on the exterior of the large Academy High School. Damaged masonry was removed, gutters were cleaned and the entire exterior was painted in various shades of grey to bring the Retford – based Academy into the modern day.

This project consisted of 4 site visits. However, the drone footage you’ll see in this video was captured in a day.

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