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This image was captured in Swaffham Village – Cambridgeshire

Why you need professional photography services.

These days everyone is a photographer. Especially with how good the cameras are on smartphones now. And it’s true, anyone can take a picture. But can anyone take a good picture? Or even, can anyone take an amazing picture? I’d like to think the answer is no, otherwise there really is no point in a professional photographer…

The truth is, if you want your projects, brand and company to shine, you really do need to hire a professional photographer. Capturing the right image has many variables and then there’s editing.

If you’re working on multi million pound contracts, or selling a property worth hundreds of thousands of pounds or more, you really should invest in professional images which will best display your subject.

Photography services for construction

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The above picture was taken as a delivery had just arrived. This was a candid shot, where the subjects were unaware that picture was being taken. This resulted in a much more natural shot, capturing the scene perfectly. 

The construction of a building is a journey and a story. From start to finish. A great way to tell your story is by using images and video footage. What better way to win more work than by showcasing your current or last projects and the high standards you deliver to. A low quality photo will never tell your audience you’re a high quality service provider as well as a high quality image would.

Photography services for Utilities projects

Sprinkler main installation (Magdeburg Germany)

This image was taken in Magdeburg – Germany for D&G Utilities. 

Like the previous image, this is a candid shot – no posing for the camera here. The guys on site have a job to do, the last thing I want to do is stop them for a photo. Blending into the background and taking multiple shots not only leads to getting the best shot, but it is also the least disruptive way to capture photos of the work in hand.

As you can see from this image, the trench, pipeline and two workers are clearly visible. The image has great composition too. The left corner of the pipe draws your eye into the centre. 

I’ve seen many images of pipes in trenches over the years. There’s a difference between a good and a bad one. Let’s face it, it’s not difficult to make a pipe in the ground look boring. The challenge is to make it look interesting. 

As you can see in the above image, it’s much more than a pipe in the ground. It has movement, from the pipe being lowered, the worker giving the thumbs up and the manager walking towards the camera. This picture tells a story and that’s what we want to do with all your professional images.

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