Drone Photography in an underground car park

This image was captured in Watford – Hertfordshire

Drone photography underground

When thinking of drone photography or drone video, you imagine aerial shots. And for the most part, that’s what drones are best for. But there are other applications that a drone is perfect for. In this case, we used one to capture images and video in an underground car park. One aerial image was captured to show the building that the car park is part of. This image can be seen below.

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aerial drone photography Watford

As you can see from the above picture (taken in Watford). A drone was the perfect tool for the job. 

This was the best way to capture the entire building, whilst giving context to the work that was being carried out in the underground car park. Capturing this aerial shot was challenging due to a flock of seagulls who took a liking to the drone. So it was a case of capturing a few images and then getting out of there before the whole flock descended on the drone. Scary stuff!

drone services Watford
drone photographer Watford

A small selection of images that were captured using the drone. Most images were captured using a DSLR camera, however, the drone shots proved to be a perfect accompaniment, especially for capturing the roof beams.

The drone was mainly used to capture video. It was carefully being flown through the car park to capture as much footage as possible. This will be used to compare against the final shots in June 2022. 

The below image was captured to show the entrance to the car park and really where all the work being carried out, starts from.

Using the drone enabled us to get just a little extra height, meaning we could capture this image that contains the ground, building and sky. Much more interesting than just the ramp.

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Drones unlock the limitations to capturing your projects in their entirety. Aerial photography is perfect for capturing your buildings, projects or even inspecting your roof.

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