Professional Image editing & Retouching

This image was captured in Middlesbrough & edited in Lancashire

Why you need a professional photographer...

A photographer is much more than “just a photographer”. In fact, the biggest part of any shoot I attend is the editing side of things. Yes it can take a while to stage a shot or find the perfect shot. But when you find it… “click” the image has been captured. Simple, right? Well actually, no… the hard work really starts when the SD card is removed from the camera. All images are uploaded to the computer and carefully reviewed for the best ones which will then make it to the editing suite.

The original image is definitely important. Editing can only do so much. If it’s a bad picture to begin with, editing will make it look better than it was, but we can never make a terrible picture look amazing!

Bear this in mind if you choose to represent your projects with iPhone images. Yes, some iPhone images are fantastic, but what about the person operating the iPhone? What are they best at? Taking pictures or something else?

From this

To this

From this

lancashire photographer editor

To this

Lancashire commercial industrial photographer

Not all edits are equal

As you can see from the side by side images above, the changes from the original to the edited version on the top row are really quite drastic.

I felt like the black and white and slightly grainy edited suited the industrial scene in the top one.

The bottom row of images is much more subtle, but definitely an improvement on the original image.

You’ll notice the there’s more detail on the back of the workers jacket and hard hat. You’ll also notice the sky has more colour in the second image and the piece of kit that he’s operating is brighter too. Look at the rubber band to the right of the workers head. Compare that part of the photo between the two.

On this image I also brightened the subject and darkened the edges to make the focal point stand out more.

Finally I adjusted the orientation, meaning I rotated the image sightly to the right.

As I said, these are subtle changes, but they do make the image stand out more and look more professional. 

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